Watch: Hamilton and Satoshi Nakamoto debate bitcoin in a rap battle

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, hired actors to stage a rap battle about the future of money last week. Inspired by the musical Hamilton, Hoffman said he decided to use music to highlight the “vigorous debate raging between cryptocurrency and centralized currencies.”

“While battle rap is obviously competitive in nature, what I realized watching Hamilton is that it’s also a form of discourse where extremely attentive listening routinely occurs,” he wrote in a LinkedIn post. “Because battle raps are won and lost based on who presents ideas and arguments in the most clever, funny, and linguistically creative ways, participants and listeners alike pay close attention to what’s being said.”

Hoffman’s rap battle pits Alexander Hamilton, the architect of the American financial system, against Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of bitcoin. While Hamilton defends central banks and regulation, he paints cryptocurrencies as crime-infested and environmentally damaging. For each attack though, Nakamoto has a retort.

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