Netflix co-founder: Luck isn’t about chance—it’s about preparation

I’m not much of a baseball player anymore. After 30 years in California, my tastes have veered toward surfing and mountain biking.

But last week I happened to catch a few innings of a Giants game on television. At the first crack of the bat, I was back on the field at Horace Greeley High in Chappaqua, New York, sprinting like a madman, glove in hand, from second base back to first.

In baseball, players in the field often “back up” a base, so that if a throw goes wide, or over someone’s head, someone is there to clean up the mess. For example, when someone throws the ball to second, the shortstop runs to stand behind the second baseman, in case the ball slips by. And when the catcher throws to third, the left fielder runs in, just in case.

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