Doing personal tasks at work makes you a better employee

It’s perfectly normal for employees today to spend part of their working hours juggling personal responsibilities to ensure everything gets done. Most of us have logged in to a personal email account when we first sit down at our desk, checked missed calls and text messages between meetings, or scrolled through newsfeeds while in the kitchen, waiting for the coffee to brew.

In a Captivate Office Pulse study out today, we surveyed more than 500 professionals to understand the effects of what we have named the working daypart,” which is the time employees spend at the office accomplishing personal and professional activities. We found that, much like working from home or flexible paid time off, personal time at work has become an expected feature for employees across all levels and ages.

Nine out of ten employees (89%) said they go online for personal reasons while at work, like online shopping, scoping out a restaurant, paying bills, or making medical appointments. Millennials spend at least an hour per day on personal activities at the office, and three in four baby boomers go online for personal reasons at work. Nearly all the senior managers we surveyed (85%) admit to spending part of their workday tending to personal activities.

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