Employees should bring their weekend selves to work

In any work that involves creating something new, especially in the early stages, we all have moments where we feel as though we are charting through the fog. To do this work, teams must feel safe enough to lock arms and forge into the unknown together every day, knowing that we will fail in our creations as often as we succeed. I believe the first step in creating innovative outcomes is building trust by allowing for vulnerability, especially as a leader, beginning by allowing individual team members’ passions to show through, even if they don’t seem initially “work-related.”

According to the World Economic Forum, creativity, critical thinking, and complex problem solving will be the top three skills needed in the workforce in 2020. However, creative cultures don’t come from bean bags and foosball, fancy lobbies or free coffee, but from seeing each other as human. Often, this begins with a few thoughtfully designed moments.

How can companies create and sustain a culture that allows these skills to flourish? Here are three ways to tune your culture for creativity, all beginning with a bit of humanity.

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