Read Sheryl Sandberg’s full Facebook post on ending sexual harassment

Back in October, Sheryl Sandberg  penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal explaining how to achieve gender parity at work. “Blind spots are getting in our way,” she warned. “It’s hard to solve a problem we don’t fully see or understand—and when it comes to gender in the workplace, too often we miss the scope and scale of the issue.”

The article ran just days after the Harvey Weinstein sexual-assault scandal broke. Sandberg’s piece didn’t specifically address harassment, but two months later the words already feel outdated. By now the pervasive scope and scale of workplace sexism is on full view, as millions chant #MeToo, and powerful men from newscasters Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose to venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson and New Orleans celebrity chef John Besh have lost jobs as accusations of misconduct abound.

Based on an extensive post she published on Facebook on Dec. 3, Sandberg, the social-media company’s chief operating officer and the author of Lean In, is struck by this moment of reckoning. But, like a lot of women, she doesn’t view it as a guarantee of lasting change.

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