Combating animal theft is a national act

Combating animal theft is a national act
The newspaper wrote that it is increasingly because of the incidence of poaching for livestock crime. The talk was continued with O. Batkhand, head of the Zundui Dorj Foundation and a great writer. The group has been working hard to counter the thefts of livestock, said the interview.
-It is a concern for the crime of poaching. It has been suggested that the newspaper has suggested that livestock theft should be avoided. How do you explain this crime?
– Something has two sides. For me, I need to take this issue seriously. Statistics show that over the past three months of 2019, poultry crime has increased by more than 80 percent. In 2017, these types of crimes were registered at 901 countries and 1096 in 2018.
It is a fact that livestock theft is increasing, while the herders can not compensate the other side. The stolen animal survivors are punished according to the rules of employment or social welfare.
Exchanging information over the phone is a very outdated form
The interpretation of Article 17.12 of the Criminal Code considers to be more aggravating than eight per cent of the total number of animals, and more than 24 animals. Therefore, the regulation that can not be regarded as a socially responsible job is considered as a light crimes while 20 sheep are stolen. Therefore, it is necessary to have more realistic approach to livestock numbers. Today’s international policy is not a pretense to imprisonment, rather than imprisonment. My dad once said that “people should keep their gold in storage and safety, but keep the pastoral animals in good condition.”
Therefore, there is a real need to establish a system that will provide a quick and broader protection mechanism, news and database system. Relying on just one thing, the crime of national wealth will not diminish. The tactics of the pirates are more advanced. In this way, the state protection mechanism must be tightened.
It is hoped that herders and workers will be surveyed, analyzed and made real work. Therefore, they will listen to herders’ voices in the “Eastern Valley” fund on 22nd of November and plan to work in rural areas. This will result in actual work on the soil. Integrating feedback from herders to the general public and implementing policies will be systematically done.
-It is said that changing the legal provisions of the Criminal Law will significantly reduce the incidence of piracy of livestock. What else is needed outside the legal environment?
– There is no real outcome when someone talks about the problem of animal theft. In short, the fight against livestock theft is a national act. It’s not a person’s job. From the ending of a veterinarian and organs that allow herder community support and a certificate of origin, it is important for everyone to take part in this work and consciousness of the work. Today we look at the pile of work, a couple of brown paper is put into the hands of a veterinarian, and the animals are slaughtered one day and sold them on a store shelf.
It is not enough to alter the Criminal Code to stop this criminal offense and to tighten its policy sentence. To reduce the crime of poaching, it is necessary to amend the Criminal Law, establish a network of herder communities, expand the national database, and exchange information in a short period of time.What do you think is the database? Do you conclude that the inquiry and database are weak?
– The previous law did not cause a criminal case if the loss of a lost livestock was below the minimum wage. Therefore, 68 percent of the cases were recorded and the rest remained unregistered. However, the new law allows for the discovery of only one orphan’s buttocks. This is a progress.
Our core principle is to make the results of our work visible to the public and to become realistic work.
However, it is wrong to describe the fact that theft of livestock does not decrease with only one factor. In addition to the legal environment, the database has a negative impact on the case. For example, a week ago, when a herd of livestock was stolen, in the Gobi-Altai aimag, there was a week when the necessary information, such as the herd, was to go to the 21 aimag’s representative office. During that time, the other animals were already slaughtered, sold, and cooked.
This is because we do not have the legal control authority to misrepresent that we have no national network, information dissemination database, and techniques to improve the system. Exchanging information over the phone is a very outdated form. Crime information is a lot of data, such as photos, date and location. This information can be extended to all aimags and soums within a few minutes, thereby increasing the probability of speeding up the case.
For example, if herder Bold lost his herds, he would go to the group on that day and tell the system where the typewriter was finished. This is because thefts of animals are self-propelled by time. As a result of narrowing the actions of livestock thefts, the state protection mechanism should be improved.
-You are the head of the Zundui Dorj Foundation. It is planned to engage in many activities, such as fighting against thefts of livestock and protecting herders’ interests within the Fund’s work. Will not you briefly introduce your fund?

Удамт Малчин-н зураг.
– Through the Zunduud Dorj Foundation, the Constitution of Mongolia will continue to protect the herds of state protection, to support herders, to voice their voices and to the public through the Constitution of Mongolia. Furthermore, herders will benefit from animal herds and raw materials It is planned to undertake a series of activities to promote and support the production and export of value-added products to the public.
My father considered robbery from home, stole livestock from the city was considered a problem solving alternative.
Our core principle is to make the results of our work visible to the public and to become realistic work. My father was always united and happy to put his children back into life, to protect his genetic heritage, to support herders and to steal livestock theft. Therefore, every Mongolian has been left to the heart.
I think that Mongolia is included in eight words, “Who is Rich, Mongolian Rich,” with the words “Languages, Borders and Animals.” These eight words are not just poems, but the declaration and philosophy of Mongolia’s independence and sovereignty. This remarkable line does not recur and does not go back to history, but it’s still in history.
-Do you have established a Society for the Protection of the Niger from a Criminal Attack?
In 1996, the new constitution was passed and “Livestock are in state protection.” This is an expression of respect for the livestock of Mongolians. In that year, my dad united the “Society for the Protection of Animal Husbandry” and stepped into the footsteps of his leg and published dozens of critics, interviews, and investigative materials in the press, such as “Sin Buy” and published by pen power and words. The Criminal Code provides for the provision of theft for livestock.
My father considered robbery from home, stole livestock from the city was considered a problem solving alternative. Some lawyers explain that both cases have the same content as the attacks on human rights. But television is not a human need. But livestock are the wealth that grows. Today’s sheep are ten, multiplying in 1000 and 2000 in the future. So it is important to make sure that animals are not a living property. Livestock are the source of their livelihood for herders who grow up, benefit each day, and twice as often as a person who feels the value of a raw animal.
-Thank you for the interview.

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