The duty of supervising the herdsmen in the field of injection, injection and inspection

Vice-Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry J..Saule, MP D.Damba-Ochir, Governor of Dornogovi aimag T.Enkhtuvshin and Governor of Dundgovi aimag O.Bat-Erdene prepare for winter and spring training of 2019-2020 and convened an official meeting on Sainshand soum.

Herders in Dundgovi have moved to Tuv, Bulgan, Dornogovi and Sukhbaatar aimags. From these herders, the sovereignty of the soum is still in trouble. Therefore, aimag herders have decided that winter herders will be able to winteren and spring camps in aimags, where the herders who were poorly landed this year.

The meeting focused on monitoring of herdsmen ‘s herds in injection, hunters and inspections, and to provide health services to citizens.

In Dornogovi aimag, in 2019, 2.5 million herder families will have winter shelters in winter and spring. 17% of the total area of ​​the aimag has pasture capacity, 35% is sufficient pasture, 31% is 1-3 times and 17% is 3-5 times. For instance, the Tsagaan khad bag of Delgerekh soum of Dornogovi aimag, 3-5 times carrying capacity in Sainshand soum, Burdened bag of Ikhtunkhoo soum, Tsogt bag, Dalanjargal soum, Erdene and Khuvsgul soums have many times exceeding 17% , 35% is sufficient pasture, 31% is 1-3 times and 17% is 3-5 times. There are no Aimags in the aimag, 29.3 thousand livestock in 53 soums of 4 soums in 4 aimags and 113.3 thousand livestock in 18 soums in 9 soums, 131.9 livestock in 141 soums in 6 soums, It is projected to have winter shelters by 294.7 thousand animals of 437 households in two soums in one soum and 2.0 thousand livestock in 49 soums in 49 soums in 49 soums.
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Dundgobi, Airag and Saikhandulaan soums from Dundgovi and Govisumber aimags 42.6 thousand livestock of 38 families. The inter-soum otor region is planned to organize otor movements during the times of disturbance at 11,200 ha. According to the Resolution # 285 of the Government of Mongolia in 2019, 100 tons of grass, 50 tons of feed, 560 tons of grass, 460 tons of fodder, and 470 tons of hay for the Aimag’s hay and fodder reserve. There is no hay harvest in the aimag, however, it is being prepared from Khentii and Sukhbaatar, Dornod Aimag, which is located in the adjacent Aimag and Soum.

As of today, a total of 100 tons of grass and soum safety stocks of 598.6 tons of grass and soum risk funds were provided to the Aimag’s safety reserve, 8607.5 tons of hay, 753.1 tons of handmade and feed, 514.4 tons of salt, and 83.4 percent of winter preparation.Удамт Малчин-н зураг.

Удамт Малчин-н зураг.

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