O.Gundegmaa won silver medal from the Masters

At the 14th Asian Championships in Qatar, Qatar competed for the 25-meter pistol event at 587 points, competing against the Mongolian Labor Hero O.Gundegmaa, who competed in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. medal.

N.Yunapaiun (Thailand) 590 points, Ch.Chiladav (India) 588, Kim Zhang Mi Korea) 588, O.Gundegmaa 587, Kim Min Jou (South Korea) 587, Shun Yu Shan (China) 586, Jin Jin (China) 585, T. Paksakorn (Thailand) and 584 points respectively.

On the first day of the Asian Championships, the women’s 10-meter long pistol was also O. He won the “Tokyo 2020” Olympics, and the Mongolian top scorer has four Olympic titles.

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