Video: Sh.Naranbat is the 9th in the “Outstanding People” show

More than 70 talented people from around the world participated in this season’s “Underdrive” or “Awesome People” series of Russia’s Ross-1 channel, with nine participants in the finals.

Nine participants of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and the Young Children’s Sports Scorecard were among the nine participants in the finals. Shari Naranbat, the 12-year-old has been selected by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. 

Sh.Naranbat has 40 pops of a watery python, with a total number of 160 information on his number, age, and weight, and 10 minutes for the information to be chosen.

After successfully completing the assignment in 10 minutes, he mistakenly turned the faces of the four watermelons who were selected by the judges, and made a few mistakes and the other three succeeded. Unfortunately, the audience did not win the poll because of a mistake. However, the Mongolian Academy of Sciences reports that the country has been successful in promoting the country’s success in international competition.

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