Repper CL left the Entertainment Company

The rapper, known as the 2ne1 leader, has decided to extend his contract with CL YG Entertainment.

Today YG Entertainment has made the following statement. These include:

– “Hello, YG Entertainment welcomes you.
We decided to end our contract with CL and respect our decision. I would like to extend my thanks to fans who love and love CL as a YG Entertainment artist.
In 2009, he waited for the role of “2ne1” leader and rapper, and in the art world, he was still in the fashion and music scene. In 2016, she became the first female singer in the list of “Hot 100” Billboard’s “Hot 100” and left her footprints clearly in the kpop world.
I sincerely want to be motivated and focused on the future of CL. YG Entertainment also promises to be loyal to him. Thank you. “

Repper CL In 2006, at age 15, YG Entertainment was selected. One year later, the song “Big Bang” co-starred with the song “Hot Issue”. In 2009, he became a member of 2ne1, but in 7 years he was released in 2016.

Despite the band’s release, CL released an independent film in the United States. In the movie “My Little Pony”, the song is animated in Hollywood’s “Mile 22”.

CL is one of South Korean famous singers. This is a good example of closing the Pyongyang Winter Olympics in 2018. After the incident, he met President Jeje In and the daughter of US President Donald Trump, Ivanovka and photographed.

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