Hong Kong’s leader told businesses what she’s done to the city is “unforgivable”

Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s troubled top official, said that she had wreaked “unforgivable havoc” by unleashing a political crisis that has raged on for weeks with no end in sight, and that she would quit if she had a choice, according to leaked audio published by Reuters of remarks she made in a closed-door lunch meeting with business leaders.

“If I have a choice, the first thing is to quit, having made a deep apology,” she said in the 24-minute recording obtained and reviewed by Reuters.

Speaking in English, her voice at times quivering with emotion, Lam acknowledged that she had  “very, very, very limited” room for political maneuvering and solving the crisis, in large part because as chief executive she ultimately “has to serve two masters by constitution, that is the central people’s government and the people of Hong Kong.”

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