Apple Music is coming to the Amazon Echo

Amazon announced today (Dec. 30) that Apple’s streaming music service, Apple Music, will be available on its Echo devices starting Dec. 17.

Echo owners will be able to listen to Apple Music playlists, or Beats 1 radio, as easily as they can currently listen to Spotify, Pandora, or any of the other music services available on the Echo.

Apple tends not to offer its services outside of its own devices too often, preferring customers to buy its products to access things like iOS, macOS, GarageBand, and other software. While Apple’s revenue from services—like Apple Music subscriptions, and sales of games, movies, and apps—has grown massively in recent years (it’s now Apple’s second-largest business behind the iPhone), it’s still primarily a hardware company. Its services business generated nearly $10 billion last quarter, compared to nearly $52 billion in hardware sales, with over $37 billion of that coming just from iPhone sales.

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