A new House Judiciary Committee report counters six “fallacies of impeachment”

The national crash course in US history and law, prompted by the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s Ukraine dealings, continued today. The House Judiciary Committee just released a new report on the constitutional grounds for impeachment, following a marathon eight-hour hearing with legal scholars discussing this very topic earlier in the week.

“Our President holds the ultimate public trust,” the report begins. “He is vested with powers so great that they frightened the Framers of our Constitution; in exchange, he swears an oath to faithfully execute the laws that hold those powers in check. This oath is no formality. The Framers foresaw that a faithless President could destroy their experiment in democracy.”

The report is extensive, running more than 50 pages. It covers evidence, legal analysis, application of the findings to the law, the framers’ intent when drafting the impeachment clause, and more. The committee also tries to debunk six “falsehoods” or “fallacies of impeachment” it believes are misleading the American people.

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