SCOTUS is weighing two Trump tax cases with implications for the impeachment inquiry

The impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s Ukraine dealings has hit a lull after a busy week of witness testimony. Now, all eyes have turned to the high court, where justices are weighing whether to take two cases about the president’s taxes that could end up influencing impeachment proceedings.

The justices don’t have to take the two tax matters, but they likely will decide whether or not to do so as early as next week. In filings from the House of Representatives in one of the cases, politicians pleaded with the justices to weigh in, citing the impeachment inquiry as a reason the court must enter the fray and provide clarity.

The cases tied to Trump’s taxes began before the impeachment inquiry. But as CNN Supreme Court legal analyst Joan Biskupic points out, if the high court chooses to resolve these tax matters—finding that the executive does have to disclose his finances in those cases—it could influence the evidence available in the constitutional process, too, “and would certainly color this politically charged moment in American history.”

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