Six films to watch to understand what’s happening in Hong Kong

For almost two months, Hong Kong has been rocked by a series of protests and escalating violence that began as a response to the government’s attempt to pass a much-maligned extradition bill that would allow suspects to be sent to mainland China to be tried.

For people here, it has felt at times as if life in Hong Kong in imitating art. Themes such as social inequality, Hong Kong-China relations, and gang violence that have long been central to the city’s movies are now erupting and coming to a head, as what began as a resistance movement over a single issue has now evolved to encompass a host of deep-rooted problems in Hong Kong.

As a white-clad mob with suspected links to organized crime assaulted passengers in a train station recently, for example, many quipped that it felt like a scene reminiscent of a Hong Kong gangster movie, while a dystopian movie’s predictions for Hong Kong’s future feels ever closer as political tensions have escalated in recent months.

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