Taiwan is the new home for Hong Kongers seeking political safety

Taiwan is fast becoming the preferred destination for Hong Kongers seeking protection.

Multiple Hong Kong media outlets have reported that as many as 30 (link in Chinese, paywall) protesters connected to the storming of the city’s legislature during a protest on July 1 have fled to Taiwan. The incident occurred on the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese rule, amid a weeks-long series of protests against a much-maligned extradition bill. The reports say that some of the protesters are seeking ways to stay in Taiwan such as applying for school, while others are seeking asylum.

President Tsai Ing-wen today (July 19) acknowledged that Hong Kong protesters had arrived in Taiwan and said that these “friends” from Hong Kong would be “treated in an appropriate way on humanitarian grounds.” Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, which is in charge of relations with China, did not confirm whether it had been in contact with the protesters or how many had fled to Taiwan, but said that it would handle any cases in accordance with human rights while reiterating its support for Hong Kong’s freedoms.

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