Beijing’s press conference on Hong Kong was thankfully very boring

Beijing has finally responded to Hong Kong’s eight straight weeks of protests, with a canned and dull response: resolute support for the city’s government and its police force, strong condemnations of what it deemed violent and radical protesters, and a reaffirmation of “one country, two systems.”

But the rare press conference held in Beijing by the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office today (July 29), which oversees policy for the two cities, also left key questions unanswered, including: what’s to be done to solve Hong Kong’s deep-rooted mess?

Yang Guang, spokesman for the office, reiterated the central government’s full support for Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam and her team, praising them for their work so far, and said that it stood behind the local government’s decision to suspend the controversial extradition bill. Today’s press conference by the Hong Kong and Macau affairs office was the first since the handover to Chinese rule in 1997, according to the South China Morning Post, and come in a year full of sensitive dates for Beijing including the 70th anniversary of the nation’s founding.

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