Photos: Hong Kong protesters paralyzed the city’s transport

Protesters brought Hong Kong to a standstill today (Aug. 5) as they waged a major citywide general strike in the latest escalation of their nine-week-long protest movement.

As the weekend of guerrilla protests across different districts of the city gave way to the start of the regular work week, protesters coordinated actions to paralyze train lines and block roads. Train service was disrupted across all major lines as protesters prevented train doors from closing and occupied platforms. Multiple attempts were made to temporarily block vehicular traffic at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, a major link between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. Some even drove in endless circles at a roundabout.  Tensions flared at various points as frustrated commuters criticized protesters for the chaos, and at least one car was seen driving through barricades put up by demonstrators.

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