Wheat and potato need to be fully supplied from domestic market

This year, coque iphone xs max 478 thousand hectares of areas will be cultivated for crops, soldes coque iphone including 387 thousand hectares for grains of which 368 thousand hectares for wheat, coque iphone en ligne 32 thousand hectares for fodder plants, coque iphone xs 29 thousand hectares for oil plants, 13.8 thousand hectares for potatoes, 8.9 thousand hectares for vegetables and 7.3 thousand hectares for fruits and berries.

According to the preliminary harvesting balance, it is expected to harvest 508 thousand tons of grains of which 487 thousand tons of wheat, 64 thousand tons of fodder plants, coque iphone 2019 soldes 24 thousand of oil plants, coque iphone 166 thousand tons of potatoes and 107 thousand tons of vegetables. The need of potatoes is estimated to be fully supplied from domestic market while it will be 60 percent for main vegetables.

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