The ultimate proof of India’s Hindu-Muslim harmony is locked away in a Jaipur palace

ly 13, succeeded to the throne in 1556, coque iphone 8 the Mughal empire was vast and powerful. When he died, coque iphone soldes in 1605, he left it three times the size: It was a flourishing empire that encompassed much of the Indian peninsula, Pakistan, coque iphone en ligne and Afghanistan, which gained him the epithet of Akbar the Great.

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Arjun hits the target.

One of the key factors of his success was tolerance of diversity, coque iphone 2019 and a harmony amongst different rulers. coque iphone The Mughals were Muslims, a minority in the land they ruled, so it was vital to involve Hindus and other non-Muslims in the running of the state. That’s what Akbar did: Non-Muslims held positions of all levels within the administration—from generals to ministers, from artists to scribes. He didn’t impose an Islamic rule, coque iphone 7 and he discontinued the levying of the jizia, a tax on non-Muslims,

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