The OnePlus 7 Pro is proof that fantastic phones don’t have to cost $1,000

OnePlus 7 Pro

essive run for OnePlus. coque iphone 8 The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has gone from nonexistence to obscurity to being one of the most popular high-end smartphone companies in the world in the space of five years. soldes coque iphone Spending relatively little on advertising, the company has managed to dominate markets like India, keeping out the likes of Apple from lucrative markets.

The company has done what few others seem to be capable of—building great products with a strong reputation, for prices that don’t break the bank. coque iphone 8 It’s released a string of strong Android smartphones, building up a vocal and loyal fan base, and at multiple events around the world on May 14 (which its fans paid to be at), it released its latest phone, the OnePlus 7 Pro. acheter coque iphone en ligne Like all its previous devices, the 7 Pro is meant to stand up to any other flagship device on the market.

In the past, the company’s phones have been solid Android devices that I’ve recommended to anyone not looking to spend top dollar on a Samsung, Google, Huawei, or Sony phone. coque iphone xr But the devices have always had compromises, corners cut to save on cost, like average cameras or plastic casing. coque iphone x But the 7 Pro is meant to be different—it has Pro in its name, after all—which is why it costs considerably more than any phone the company has released before.

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