Sunscreen doesn’t protect dark-skinned people from developing melanoma

lly deadly form of skin cancer linked to overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Sunscreen can block UV rays and therefore reduce the risk of sun burns, coque iphone xr which ultimately reduces the risk of developing melanoma. Thus, coque iphone 6 the promotion of sunscreen as an effective melanoma prevention strategy is a reasonable public health message.

While this may be true for light-skinned people, such as individuals of European descent, coque iphone this is not the case for darker skinned people, coque iphone 2019 or individuals of African descent.

The public health messages promoted by many clinicians and public health groups regarding sunscreen recommendations for dark skin people is incongruent with the available evidence. coque iphone Media messagingexacerbates the problem with headline after headline warning that black people can also develop melanoma and that blacks are not immune. To be sure, blacks can get melanoma, but the risk is very low. coque iphone 8 In the same way, men can develop breast cancer, coque iphone however,

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