In our hustle culture the richest among us are those who control their calendars. Yet despite feeling too busy, complaining of burnout and stress, and wanting to do little more than gaze numbly at Netflix, we pack our days with plans and fill the hours, weeks, and months in advance for fear of being bored.

This summer, go for the opposite approach. Make no plans. Scrap the calendar. Don’t climb Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Everest, with their traffic-jammed trails, or hurry to the Hamptons, where you’ll see everyone you left New York City to escape. Forget living like a local in Portugal though you’re a tourist. Reserve no Airbnb. Instead, delight in not knowing where you will be going or what you will do and let time unfold. The more you’re afraid of being bored, the more likely it is that this is precisely the kind of break that will liberate you and lead you to new heights of creativity and relaxation.

Being bored is good for your health. One reason many of us feel especially stressed now is because technology keeps us constantly entertained. Our brains are accustomed to consuming lots of content and we rarely turn the external stimuli off. As a result, we feel as if we are always doing something, but much of this consumption isn’t actually enriching us. It is merely filling time, that thing which we claim is so precious but that we give away so liberally.

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