US taxpayers funded this epic Trump 2020 campaign ad

US president Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” speech on July 4th was delivered to a soggy crowd of thousands on the National Mall, without serious incident.

Yes, the US president accidentally said US revolutionaries seized airports from the British in the 1700s, and there’s plenty of debate about how big the crowds really were. But Trump mostly avoided the pitfalls that ethics experts had warned about, by not trashing his 2020 election political opponents or talking about his reelection bid.

Still, the speech delivered in one big way for the Trump re-election campaign. The White House cut a short video of the event set to stirring music. It features plenty of military hardware, and enlisted personnel cheering and clapping for Trump. Filmed in part with a high definition camera, it is one of the most polished videos the Trump White House has produced.

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