George Soros says Xi Jinping is the world’s “most dangerous opponent” of open societies

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is a powerful enemy of open societies, set to solidify totalitarian control over his people with the aid of artificial intelligence and machine learning, George Soros warned at his annual dinner in Davos, Switzerland, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.

The billionaire investor, who used the same occasion last year to criticize the policies of US president Donald Trump and of data-siphoning tech giants like Facebook and Google, said he’s particularly concerned about China’s social credit system, the dystopian project still under development that would grade people’s actions and habits, with rights potentially deducted for bad behavior. Violating traffic laws, for example, might prevent someone from being able to purchase a train ticket.

Xi came to Davos in 2017 and lent support to the globalist agenda, positioning China as an increasingly open country as the US moved toward protectionism. Xi sent his economics adviser Liu He to Davos in his place last year, and also skipped this year’s proceedings. But Xi and his agenda, particularly his domestic one, loomed large this week in the Swiss ski village where executives, government officials, and the occasional celebrity came to hobnob between conference sessions addressing the world’s pressing challenges.

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