Why Indian Muslims don’t react to aggressive Hindutva politics

In the past four years, we have been repeatedly told that Muslims’ eating habits are anti-Hindu/anti-national as they eat beef; that Muslim men don’t love, they do love-jihad with Hindu girls; that Muslim couples deliberately have sex to increase their community’s population so as to outnumber the Hindus; and that they offer namazon roads to convert public (read Hindu) lands into mosque territory!

This propaganda is followed by actual violence against Muslims—lynching, molestation, and even rape. Despite this hostile anti-Muslim attitude, Muslim communities do not get involved in any anti-Hindutva counter mobilisation. Muslim religious organisations and pressure groups and even Muslim political leaders (except a few unknown faces who appear on prime-time TV every night!) do not argue for any Muslim mass protest.

It is, therefore, possible to infer that Muslims have decided to remain silent to avoid any confrontation with Hindutva and that they would open their card in 2019. This simple conclusion is problematic. The anxiety called “Muslim silence” must be unravelled for a deeper analysis based on some concrete evidence.

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